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We provide breakfast, lunch and snack in accordance with USDA specification.

We are pleased to present to you what we believe is the most flexible scheduling package available in our community. As parents we know that children do not always accommodate a fixed schedule due to illness, family visits, holidays or otherwise. Our goal is to present a package that is workable for you as the parent but meets the needs of our business, enabling us to schedule our staff appropriately.

The registration fee is $80 per year payable in two installments of $40 each. The first is due at time of enrollment and $40 is then due ongoingly on January and June 1st. This pays for your child’s insurance and is non-refundable. If you register in December or May you will not be billed the following month’s registration fee.

The following rates apply based on your schedule that you submit prior to your child attending Under the Magic Pine Tree. (Does not apply to school age children)

TUITION – Over 2 years old
Full DayOver 5.5 hours$25 /day

Half Day Less than 5.5 hours$17.50 /day

Any time over 5.5 hours will be considered a full day and will be billed as such.

Before and After School$5.00 / hour 
Billed in hourly increments - one hour minimum applies.

Any time over 2 consecutive hours will be considered a half day and will be billed as such.

TUITION – 18 months to 2 Years Old
Full Day 5.75 – 10 hours $31 /day
Infant area is open from 7 am to 5:30 pm daily.

Half Day Less than 5.5 hours  $23 /day
Any time over 5.5 hours will be considered a full day and will be billed as such.

TUITION – 6 weeks to 18 months
Full Day 5.75 – 10 hours $34 /day
Infant area is open from 7 am to 5:30 pm daily.

Half Day Less than 5.5 hours  $26 /day
Any time over 5.5 hours will be considered a full day and will be billed as such.

Transportation to and from school will be billed at $15 per week.

If your child is scheduled to be picked up from school by Under the Magic Pine Tree and you make an alternate arrangement without notifying us you will be billed a full day’s tuition. If you do not notify us that your child requires pick up and we are required to pick them up based on notification from their school you will be billed a full day’s tuition. In the interests of the children’s safety it is critical that we are aware of their schedule in advance. We do not always attend each school each day unless we are scheduled.

Minimum enrollment is two full days or three half days. Any one not meeting this schedule will be charged by the hour, starting at one hour minimum.

Our closing time is 6:30 pm (with the exception of the infant/toddler room which closes at 5:30). If you are late picking your child up, you must pay $10 for the first 5 minutes and $5 per 15 minutes thereafter.

We offer before and after school care for children attending school all day. At the start of the month you will be billed for the time you have scheduled. Any additional time used will be billed the week after it is used.  

Monthly:Pay monthly total by the 1st.
Bi-Monthly:Pay ½ monthly total by the 1st and ½ by the 15th 
Weekly:Weekly total to be paid by Monday morning.

If your tuition is not paid per your payment plan choice you will be assessed a $30 fee for having a child in attendance without payment in advance, the day after tuition is due.
You will be assessed $30 per week thereafter until paid in full.
At the time your child has been in attendance for 2 weeks and you have not made payment you will no longer be allowed to use the service and your child will be refused. These accounts will be considered delinquent and sent to an external agency for collection.

A bill for the current month will be posted at the beginning of each month and weekly after that until paid in full. All bills are adjusted for extra time used in the week after the usage occurs. Extra time is subject to availability.

If any credit is left on your account at the time your child drops, you may use that credit by sending your child sometime in the future. All credits must be used within 6 months.

Returned checks will incur a fee of $35.

Out time is available for full time enrollees only. Full Time enrollees are those that attend 5 days per week. At the start of each calendar quarter you will be awarded one week of out time. This can not be saved up. You cannot carry this time over from quarter to quarter or year to year. You can use your out time in a flexible manner for vacation or sick days.To use your out time you must call no later than 8:30 am on that given day. If you do not call by that time you will be billed for that day.
To use out time in an increment of more than 3 days you must give us at least one week notice or the regular billing will be incurred.Part time enrollees are entitled to trade any scheduled days that are not used for a day within the same month. No credits will be given. For any day that you use outside of your regular schedule you must call in advance to ensure there is space available and book your child in for that day.

We require two weeks notice upon termination and you will be billed for this time whether you attend or not. The billing will be per your usual scheduled weekly rates plus any extra days over and above your schedule. You may not use your out time during these two weeks. If your child is out for more than four weeks and then returns you must pay another $40 registration fee.

If you sign up to attend on school holidays or school vacation days you will be billed and need to pay for those days whether you come or not. We have a limited number of spaces on those days and we cannot give credits.

No Exceptions will be made to this policy or any of the above program fees.